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Mirror Maintenance

As the big events of the summer loom closer and closer, it’s important to maintain [...]

Accident & childproofing your mirrors

Mirrors are a fundamental element of interior design, they help brighten spaces, provide new perspectives, [...]

Feng Shui & Mirrors

Utilising Feng shui practices to reorganise your home or to find the optimal placement for [...]

The Big Spring Clean

“The big spring clean” is usually where we leave all the small detail-oriented cleaning tasks [...]

Utilising mirrors in commercial spaces

Commercial interior design requires foresight into the customer experience. By understanding the atmosphere and energy [...]

The benefits of styling a mirror

Mirrors are essential to our everyday routine; they provide the ability to see oneself which [...]

Interior Design Trends for 2024 – Mirrors

In this month’s blog, we delve into the fashion predictions of 2024. Styling your space [...]

Styling your mirror for festivities…

Are you looking to make your space cosy as we come closer to Christmas? Amidst [...]

Make A Statement With Our Oversized Collection

Mirrors for Your Space Oversized Mirrors such as the Islington Gold Leaner is designed to [...]

Garden Reflections

Owning a garden can be a labour of love – with labour being the key [...]