Utilising mirrors in commercial spaces

Commercial interior design requires foresight into the customer experience. By understanding the atmosphere and energy needed in a space, interior designers can style a room with intention. We know that no space is complete without a mirror to bounce back all the good energy! That’s why we discuss the best placement, styling, and more tips on utilising our mirrors in commercial spaces.

Mirrors for office spaces

Creating an environment that inspires, motivates, and encourages productivity is penultimate in an office setting. Our mirrors allow for a space to be elevated, amplifying the positive and productive energy within it.

Mirrors are particularly useful within compact rooms, adding a mirror allows the space to feel like it has expanded. This can be especially useful for smaller offices, placing your mirror in the corners of a room or in a hallway can majorly change the size we perceive the space to be. Using a window mirror is an excellent way to give the impression of an additional window in a room. Due to natural light being reflected, the room will feel brighter and bigger as a result.

Inspiring aesthetics are a crucial part of energizing and exciting workers. Working in a space that is visually appealing can improve the output and quality of the work, improving the all-round ethic of employees. A mirror is an affordable way to spruce up the interior of an office without spending too much cash. This makes them a great solution for hiding the wear and tear that a room naturally has with reoccurring use.

Mirrors for hotels, bars and restaurants

A mirror can reflect a space’s ambience, which is a really useful tool for setting a mood and maintaining it.  Mirrors allow for space and light to be manipulated, by enhancing what is already there.  For smaller, darker rooms placing a mirror within allows light to be refracted and a sense of openness from the additional space reflected by the mirror.

The mirror is an effective tool within bars and restaurants, it can add to a visual aesthetic whilst transforming the space through harnessing light and space. When dining or having a drink, people are typically drawn towards a calming atmosphere.

Styling your mirror will give the space a polished look, and creating visual appeal is one of the best ways to entice customers.  Positioning your mirror near recessed lighting will allow for more light to be reflected into a room.  Styling with intention is a must, selecting a mirror with a frame that is complimentary to the existing colour palette will allow the space design elements to feel cohesive. Think about pairing gold with warm undertones, whilst blacks and silvers are best complimented by paler cool-toned hues.

Picking the right style of mirror can be tricky when you’re spoilt for choice, consider the overall aesthetic of the space it is in. Our modern mirrors are sleek, industrious feeling and simplistic making them an incredibly versatile option for all styles of interior design. Whereas our decorative mirrors are usually ornate, wide framed and a statement piece, we find that these mirrors look best in traditional or eclectic-styled rooms.

Mirrors for dance studios and gyms

Dance studios and gyms need mirrors, they are an integral piece of equipment used to help people monitor their movements. Our mirrors allow for gyms and dance studios to provide both functional and aesthetic purposes.

When working out, a mirror can provide a sense of security, being able to observe the surroundings and oneself. This aids people when working in a tight space whilst others are too, it provides a perspective we naturally do not have. To break free of the classic rectangular edgeless mirror designs, consider utilising a curved or arched mirror. This not only plays into the current trends but creates a unique look. When using multiple arched mirrors, the rounded tops look excellent against the angularity of the ceilings and floors.

Mirrors for hairdressers and retail

Mirrors should be used with purpose in retail and hairdressing salons, it provides a reflection for customers to try on clothes, assess what hair changes they want, or see the final product in action. Providing customers with a mirror so they can try before they buy ensures that the customer is satisfied with the product or service they are paying for. This will have a knock-on effect on sales made as customers are less likely to return products or complain because they have been miss-sold something.

Styling the mirror is just as essential as having one. Buying a mirror that fits with the interior design elements that already exist will ensure the space looks its best.  Because these types of businesses are selling an aesthetic already, it’s super important that the tool used to do so is the perfect fit.

We recognise that the Islington collection is ideal for retail due to its length and style. Its minimalist frame practically pairs with any interior, whilst its size allows customers to see from head to toe. Whereas in a salon, an overmantle or wall mirror would be more appropriate, the sizes fit perfectly above a workbench.  Using a wall mirror that us decorative can feed into the feeling of luxury, selling your business as not only a service but as an experience.

Additional uses

There are placements we typically wouldn’t consider when hanging a mirror, for example, one location we may not usually think of placing a mirror is in a lift. Hanging a mirror in a lift is not only convenient for checking hair, makeup, or outfits but it also allows the enclosed space to feel wider.  From an accessibility standpoint, they allow wheelchair users to check areas that are out of their line of sight.

Hanging a mirror on a staircase can make it feel like it is both longer and wider in appearance, whilst contributing to the aesthetic of a space.

Popping a mirror into a bathroom should be a requirement! Mirrors in bathrooms are highly functional when in the home, but how about in a bar or restaurant? Well of course. A mirror in a bathroom allows customers to check their appearance. Aside from its function, the refracted light and space help contribute to a larger more inviting bathroom.  In this instance we suggest styling it by positioning it between the bathroom lighting, this optimal positioning will reap the most benefits from your mirror.

Picking a mirror with the right style, shape and size can make a commercial space’s design feel elevated and coordinated and we want the buying and styling process to be empowering for business owners! We have a great selection of mirrors for you to shop from, making the interior design process as easy as can be.

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