The Big Spring Clean

“The big spring clean” is usually where we leave all the small detail-oriented cleaning tasks to be completed, in preparation for a bright and fresh spring. Anticipating the spring cleaning that will almost definitely ensue, we have come prepared. Offering tips and tricks for cleaning your mirrors and spaces around them, as well as sprucing up both inside and out for the perfect spring vibes!

Refreshing a space utilising mirrors

Now that spring is around the corner, flowers are blooming, and pollen is in the air. You may wonder what the best way to elevate your space is. We have a few ideas you can use to help revive your space in time for the bloom of spring. Once your space has been vacuumed, dusted, wiped down and organised. You can start to play around with the composition of your furnishings.

The first technique in preparation for spring is positioning your mirror to reflect the optimal light and greenery. This can be done by angling the mirror towards an entryway, in a conservatory, or opposite a window. This placement will help the space feel bigger, and brighter whilst the greenery will strike a balance of inviting the outdoors inwards. This positioning technique is especially useful in smaller rooms as it creates illusions of a grander room.

The way the mirror is dressed will also help with the spring clean aesthetic. Consider bringing in flowers to dress the surrounding area, consciously positioning them to be in the mirror’s reflection will double the aesthetics. Finding flowers like a peace lily, saintpaulia or daffodils will complete the perfect spring look.

Out with the old and in with the new: updating and reshuffling surrounding small decorations. For example, introducing new spring-scented candles, rotating your vases, and bringing new and inspiring books to dress your shelves or coffee table. Your mirror reflection is going to help create an atmosphere within your space, crafting the environment around it is an essential step in revitalising a space for spring.

How to clean a mirror properly

Cleaning your mirror keeps its appearance refreshed and maintained. For regular day-to-day cleaning, we recommend lightly dusting the frame before spraying it down with glass cleaner, followed by a polish.

  1. For a deeper clean start by dusting your mirror and its frame, making sure to get in its nooks and crannies so that no particles are left on the surface. This will help later when wiping it down, as the dust will not gather and clump.
  2. Using alcohol on the glass can help those hard-to-budge stains, lift. Start by spraying a microfibre cloth with a water and alcohol solution, and then in small circular motions, wipe the stained spot. Tip: Avoid using tissue paper and toilet paper to wipe the glass. The fibres that make them up will break off and leave a residue, which is counterproductive when trying to get your mirror spick-and-span.
  1. Finally, you will need another soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Spray from the top to the bottom of the glass and start wiping using circular movements, as this will prevent any streaks from appearing.

An alternative method involves steam and a squeegee. Face the steam cleaner towards the mirror letting out a burst of steam, and then using a squeegee, swipe downwards. This method does not use harsh chemicals and is just as effective as wiping with a cloth and solution.

Tip: For a cost-effective solution, mix one part of vinegar with four parts of water and place it into a spray bottle.

Preparing your outdoor spaces for spring

With spring comes warmer and longer days, spent outside. So, it is super important to refresh your outdoor space. There are a few techniques to help spruce up a garden, patio, or balcony in time for spring.

The first is utilising your existing outdoor mirror by bringing it back outside after being stored for winter, and, for those without an outdoor mirror, invest in one of our garden mirrors! A garden mirror is a wonderful way of improving the light that is reflected into the area, as well as the greenery.

Take note of where the sun is angled during different hours of the day and select a position that will reflect the sunlight at the darkest hour for your outdoor space. For example, if your garden is in the shade from noon onwards, consider where will reflect the sunlight back into the garden and hang the mirror there!

Use your green thumb to plant flowers and greenery around the base or beneath the mirror. This is a long-term solution for an aesthetic garden, as the flowers will bloom and be reflected from a few weeks to a few months later!

We would love to know if you will be using our tips and tricks in your spring cleaning. Feel free to snap photographs of your mirrors in situ and post to socials using the #theonlinemirrorshop and tagging us @theonlinemirrorshop.