Styling your mirror for festivities…

Are you looking to make your space cosy as we come closer to Christmas? Amidst the festive cheer, there’s one unsung hero that can truly transform your space into a winter wonderland – the mirror. Here we will pick out some of our favourite mirrors for you to buy and style for the perfect winter vibes…

The Osborne collection

Our Osborne mirrors make the perfect choice for tying together your fireplace this winter, with various colours, the Osborne is a brilliant mirror to pick. Its simple sleek frame is refined, and the perfect canvas for your fireplace.

Styling it with candles and ornaments is a fantastic way to create a well-composed area, bringing in elements of personality and cosiness. The candles flickering next to the Osborn creates a snug and calm environment for the family to huddle up around. Choosing a fragrant candle will also help tie the sensory experience together, creating the best area to wind down and warm up.

As Christmas approaches it is the best time to start adding some ornaments to the Osborne, using foliage and garland like artificial holly, mistletoe, blue spruce, and berries, infusing fake frosted branches to invite the feeling of being outside inwards.  Place the around the top and base of the Osborne as it will allow parts of the foliage to be reflected, extending the visual impression of it.

Top tip: Place your Christmas tree opposite the Osborne for the most magical, sparkly Christmas yet!

A festive Osborne mirror

The Bexley

Are you searching for the perfect entryway accessory? Look no further, the Bexley is super gorgeous! As it gets darker outside, you may find yourself in search of ways to brighten your home, using the Bexley to reflect lamps, natural light and overhead lights is the best way to do it! The Bexley will allow light to bounce around the entryway, making it easier to welcome your guests.

If you want to do something different with your Christmas wreath this year, how about hanging it with the Bexley, allowing the Bexley to become ornamental and a centrepiece of the space? Layer the wreath on top of the Bexley, not only does it perfectly frame it, but the gorgeous green and red tendrils will reflect creating an even more impactful visual as you enter your home.

A festive Bexley Mirror A festive Bexley Mirror

The Bexley’s gorgeous frame can serve as an inspiration for colour themes, the gold frame is perfect when paired with reds, greens, and blues. Contrasting the Bexley’s warm tone against cooler-toned Christmas décor will make the Bexley’s frame stand out.

Using the Bexley over the mantlepiece or opposite your tree will create a cosy ambience for you and your guests.  Plants are known to help with mental health when placed in the home, positioning your tree opposite your mirror will create the feeling of twice as much greenery. This placement is not only awesome for the mind, but the twinkling lights from your tree will also be bounced back into the space, making the space feel welcoming and warm.

The Grand Louis Leaner collection

Ornate, elegant, and versatile, the Grand Louis collection is the perfect touch to a festive space. Its beautiful baroque-style frame is the perfect decorative touch to go along with your festive ornaments. However, it’s also versatile and looks fantastic in any season, we recognise that it compliments festive décor too!

Using your Grand Louis leaner as a part of your decorations is super simple, the key is to position it nearby or opposite your Christmas tree, for the ultimate glimmering reflection. Draping tinsel or garland over the top of the mirror will help tie the festive look of the room together.

Decals, decals, decals…. Yes, that’s right, use decals to elevate your mirror’s look, bringing the festive theme onto the mirror. This creates visual interest in smaller spaces that may not be as easy to decorate. Decals are also super playful and can be great when snapping seasonal pictures, think of the aesthetics…right?

Whether your mirror is above the mantel or glimmering by your festive table spread, we know they’ll be reflecting pure joy, brightness, and beauty into your space. Please share your own festive mirror styling ideas with us, and tag us on social media, we believe that every reflection can be a work of art.