The benefits of styling a mirror

Mirrors are essential to our everyday routine; they provide the ability to see oneself which is something we are unable to do without. Mirrors, however, are also a fantastic tool for decorating as they can be positioned to reflect and accentuate the open space around them.

Humans have been using mirrors from as early as 2000 BCE, comprised of materials such as bronze, obsidian, and glass. Although the mirrors that predate our current ones were not of the same quality, or provide a true reflection, they were polished and decorated in a similar fashion.

Historical excavations have unearthed the earliest mirrors. Some of these have been found with eyelets attached to hang the mirror. This practice demonstrates the earliest wall mirrors within the domicile. Additionally, mirrors are being discovered tucked into small boxes which could be recognised as the first compact mirror. With technological and social advances, mirrors have become a staple household furnishing.

Contrary to current times, the practice of making it shows a lull during the Dark Age (the fall of the Roman Empire). This is due in part to the widespread lack of materials combined with the cost to produce one. Moreover, the practice of making mirrors significantly dwindled as the fall of the Romans began.

The benefits

There are many benefits to a mirror and its reflection. It is a tool that is a necessity of everyday life. Mirrors provide us with the capability of self-reflection allowing us to maintain hygiene, boost confidence and encourage a strong sense of self. Mirrors can be placed in the bathroom, on wardrobes and in bedrooms for optimal usage.

Furthermore, mirrors are accessories as much as they are tools, they’re a unique furnishing that offers what other furniture cannot. Furniture with mirrored surfacing

Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and materials making them versatile and adaptable to different environments.

We gain from the positioning of mirrors, their capability of capturing light in its reflection and bouncing it back into its environment is what makes them indispensable. Light can improve our emotional state and make a room feel spacious. Mirrors allow for optimal brightness within a space with minimal effort or energy required to do so. Illuminate a room by placing a mirror opposite a window, the mirror will enhance the features of the space through the light within it.

As such, mirrors are also able to hide imperfections in the home. Naturally, any home endures some wear and tear, and sometimes a mirror is a simpler way of resolving a minor blemish on walls.

Respecting placement, mirror positioning can be used to create safer spaces. When positioned in the corner of a corridor it provides us with a perspective and angle which we cannot perceive with just our eyes. This placement is something we often see in parking garages to help drivers gain a wider perspective on their surrounding space.

Styling tips to optimise the benefits of my mirror?

The location you place your mirror can influence the benefits you reap, whilst contributing to the aesthetics of the environment. For instance, placing a mirror opposite a window draws in light, creating a brighter space. This technique can be utilised to make a snug space appear to be bigger. To further this illusion, select a window-style mirror.

Mirrors are a versatile component of interior design due to the array of styles, colours, and sizes. Composition is fundamental to creating a space that reflects personality whilst highlighting features within the home. A great way to introduce shape to a box room is through using a round or arched mirror. The curved edge of the mirrors creates a lovely contrast between straight and curved lines.

Mirrors don’t have to be used for just stylistic purposes, they serve as a fantastic tool to create safe spaces both in public and within the home. Placing a mirror in a blind spot is an excellent way to extend the line of sight without the need to move into a different space.

The most practical benefit of a mirror is being able to check our appearance on the go, placement is pivotal in the home for this reason. Placing your mirror in an entryway, by a dressing table, or in a living room, can allow for an easy and quick check before leaving the home.

Mirrors are an integral part of our everyday life, serving both functional and decorative purposes which is why finding your perfect match is essential. If you are seeking out your ideal mirror, we implore you to browse our collection of mirrors. Shopping for the perfect shape, size, material, and colour mirror is made simple here at the Online Mirror Shop. We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of mirrors, customer satisfaction is a priority. We even price match against competitors, to ensure you get the greatest deal for your perfect mirror.