Mirror Maintenance

As the big events of the summer loom closer and closer, it’s important to maintain the upkeep of your mirror. Summer is all about being with family and friends whether that’s watching the Euros or enjoying a BBQ. Keeping your mirror clean ensures that the time spent is in a comfortable, clean and atmospheric environment.

Keeping your mirror tidy is an essential part of home maintenance. Your mirror acts as an accessory and a tool. Whilst it is a decorative element, the mirror is also really handy for reflecting light and giving the illusion of more space. This is why it is important to keep it clean, so the most light possible is being reflected.

When your mirror looks pristine, the reflection of your home isn’t tainted. When there are smudges, splatter, particles of dust, or water spots it can influence the perception we have of the space. The impacts of mess on the mind can lead to stress and anxiety, which is avoidable with mirror maintenance. A dirty mirror can also influence the way we see ourselves. Seeing our reflections surrounded by these imperfections can negatively impact our self-esteem and confidence.

General Maintenance

One of the main ways to ensure your mirrors look clean is to run a feather duster along its frame every two to three weeks. Doing this can cut down the overall time spent cleaning your mirror and it takes no more than a minute to do. A great alternative if you don’t have a feather duster is to dampen your cloth and run it along the frame.

A great way to clean the glass is to use a pre-made glass cleaning solution or to make a solution which is one part of white vinegar, to three parts of water. Spray at arm’s length so the mirror is misted by the cleaner, this will stop the solution from pooling and dripping if you are cleaning it whilst it is hung. You can also spray your solution into a soft or micro-fibre cloth and apply and clean with every wipe. As you wipe your mirror move from the top to the bottom and make sure to avoid moving in circular motions. Doing so will likely cause your products to create a streak along the glass.

Water spots

Keeping a bathroom clean goes beyond aesthetics, keeping a space clean can also have benefits on the mind. A more common part of upkeep with bathroom mirrors is the accumulation of water spots on the glass. Water spots may appear as your mirror is exposed to the splatter of water and toothpaste residuals.

It is worth noting that mirrors that do not have a frame, may over time start to have irreversible water markings along the seam of the glass and the aluminium/ silver layer.

There are a variety of products that can clean water spots from glass, the first thing we recommend however is to mix hot water and soap and wipe the areas down. If the water spots do not budge, then we recommend using one of the following methods.

You can make a really quick paste at home, by mixing one part of white vinegar with three parts of baking soda. We recommend dampening a cloth and letting it sit on the water spots for a minute or two to prepare the area, before applying the paste. Apply the paste directly onto the water spots and then let the paste dry. Using a damp cloth wipe off the dried paste.

Newspaper when wetted can be gently scrubbed against water spots, and the water spots will slowly disappear.

If you’re looking for an alternative, you can also use a glass cleaner. Glass cleaning solutions can be just as effective as getting those tough-to-budge water spots to clear. Just use a soft or micro-fibre cloth, and spray onto the cloth instead of the mirror. You can then start to softly scrub down the spots and watch as they vanish.

Preventing Steam

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of a steamy mirror as you’re trying to get ready after a shower? Keeping your bathroom mirror steam-free is achievable, and there are a few techniques we can give you to prevent your mirror from fogging up.

The first method is to take a pea-sized amount of dish soap and buff it into the mirror using a soft or micro-fibre. Doing this will prevent it from steaming up for a couple of weeks. You can also use shaving cream in place of dish soap to get the same outcome. Another technique you can use to keep your mirror fog-free is to pick up a product like Glean, which is designed to keep your windows and mirrors free of steam.

A product-free alternative is to keep the heat in the bathroom higher, allowing the steam to dry at a much faster rate. Though keeping the heating on isn’t always ideal, it ensures no harsh chemicals are in your space.