Interior Design Trends for 2024 – Mirrors

In this month’s blog, we delve into the fashion predictions of 2024. Styling your space in a world where trends are constantly coming and going, it’s hard to know when to replace, buy or indulge in the next big furniture fad. We’ll help you make the hard choices and provide some creative inspiration for the new year!

Incorporating rattan, metal, and clay into your 2024 home design.

Texture is everything when decorating your home, we are engaging in the discussion surrounding mixed materials making their comeuppance. Everything from clays, and metals to rattan. So, what do we do with that information? We have curated some of our favourite mirrors from our shop and styled them to give you an idea of how our mirrors can be used to tie together the tactile design elements of your space.

Think about the tactile and sensory experience you can make with your mirror. Pairing your metal framed mirror with rattan furnishing is a way to keep the space feeling modern and playful. The intention is to create a tactual environment which is functional and calming to be in. Consider the use of fabric, fur, or leather, if you already have furnishing made from these materials consider what will flatter those pieces of furniture.  For a room with wooden furnishings, think about buying a silver framed mirror, the bright metallic finish allows the light and warmth of the wood to be reflected.


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Composition & curves. How to beautify your space?

Selecting the shapes of furniture can play a vital role in making a space feel well-balanced. Consider what shapes you like as well as the placement of your furniture. It helps create a harmonious space to be in. Avoid hard edges, look towards soft or curved furniture. Angles are out, the curves are in.

Using one of our round mirrors, you can revamp a space whilst introducing new shapes. A circular mirror is best utilised in a space with much hard-edged furniture. An arch-top mirror is a brilliant way to ease curved lines into a space. The Liberty mirror is one of the many mirrors we would suggest purchasing for your space, due to its sleek frame which has smooth curved edges as well as adorning an arch shape.

Composition is crucial for creating a functional, comfortable, and stylish space. Take into account the layout of your space, are there bare walls? Is there unoccupied floor space? Use a leaner mirror to reflect existing furniture and complete the floor space.


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Lights, wallpaper, action! Optimising light & colour in 2024.

Selecting the right colour palette for your space, and ensuring the lighting is complimentary is another, we know that finding the equilibrium is essential to getting the vibe just right. It’s predicted that subdued colours that lean into more earthy tones will be all the rage, especially when creating a calming space.

For rooms with a neutral colour palette, we suggest a black or champagne mirror. A black mirror will contrast against the neutrals and act as a statement piece to the space. Whereas a Champagne mirror harmoniously blends with a neutral palette.  Conversely, a champagne mirror looks fantastic in a room featuring green, peach or baby blue hues. Its light tone makes it the perfect pop of brightness in a colour-filled space.

To optimise the light in your space, place your mirror opposite a window or entryway. We recommend picking up one of our window mirrors as this can contribute to the illusion of additional windows in a room.


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Garden mirrors & green space.

Plants in the home have been proven to benefit mental and physical health, so it’s a no-brainer as to why you could benefit from having plants in your home. However, we think you can take it further and use placement to your advantage. With our mirrors you can double the beautiful green hues in your space, making it feel as though there are twice as many. This isn’t exclusive to just indoors, we have a variety of outdoor mirrors too!

The outdoor mirrors are perfect for those with limited greenery in their garden, it’s a fantastic tool to bounce the existing greenery into a space that is lacking. Whilst also bringing style into your outdoor space with a wonderful accessory.


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As we step into 2024, it’s clear that mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they’re key elements in shaping the aesthetics and ambience of our living spaces. We hope this design guide has inspired you to explore the world of mirrors and discover how they can transform your home. To see our curated collection of mirrors that perfectly complement the latest design trends, check out our products.