Illuminate Your Summer Sanctuary: Essential Mirrors for a Stunning Look

Getting the garden prepped…

The garden is one of the greatest spaces in summer. It’s our way of being outside without having to venture out into the world. It allows us to get fresh air, and sit in the sunlight, and for some, it is a sanctuary where they can exercise or nurture their green thumb.

Prepping to be in the garden more may have you considering ways to make it more adaptable to relaxing and spending longer durations of time in it. One of the greatest ways you can do this is by using a garden mirror. Garden mirrors like indoor mirrors, are designed to bring more light to the space, add character and in some cases, provide function like our Trellis Garden Mirror.

Our Rustic Round Outdoor mirror is an excellent circular mirror which can be used to create a focal point within the garden. Positioning it beside a table and chair is a brilliant way to create a zone for chilling out. Similarly, the Metal Frame Outdoor Window Mirror makes a fantastic choice for adding character to the space. It also offers another unique benefit, its design imitates a window, making it look like it’s part of the house’s design. This is ideal for those wanting a more subtle design component.

Creating gorgeous conservatories and sunrooms

Conservatories and sunrooms are spaces designed to let in maximal amounts of natural light whilst being shielded from the elements. Their provided protection makes them an invaluable space to have. Decorating the space allows for you to reflect your personal style creating a room that feels relaxing and joyful to be in.

As you look for ways to enhance the beauty of your extended spaces, we suggest looking to a mirror as it can provide both character and function to the space. To implement a mirror into your space, you need to consider the design of the room. How tall are the windows? What is the composition of existing furnishings? Are there any unique features you can accentuate?

The Camden Black Mirror is a sleek, refined mirror which can be both hung and leaned, providing versatility for styling. The Camden’s simple yet stunning design is fantastic for capturing light and bringing a minimalist element to a sunroom. Ideal as you can marry its style with a variety of other styles such as shabby chic, Wabi Sabi and maximalism.

Another fantastic mirror which is not arched but looks phenomenal in this type of space is the Gold Contemporary Linked Wall Mirror. The minimalist design of the Contemporary Link is great for bringing in a unique but simple design piece. Its frame’s gold hue catches idyllically in the sunlight, creating a visually stunning space.

The third mirror we would suggest utilising for a sunroom or conservatory is the Simplistic Gold Overmantel mirror. This is the ideal accessory for positioning above a sideboard or shelving. The Simplistic mirrors bevelled glass brings in an element of sophistication. More so, you can style around the base using candles, fairy lights, ornaments or flowers to enrich the reflection.

Seeking out something more traditional? A mirror we would recommend for a conservatory is the Arched Black Garden mirror, which can be defined as the perfect traditional element. Its gothic peak offers a twist on your typical arched mirror, whilst also including fantastic church window-like framing. This is a fantastic piece for traditional, maximalist and gothic-styled interiors.

Choosing a mirror can help bring in additional light to the space, which can be positioned to bring the sunrise or sunset into the space depending on where the sun rises and sets concerning the room. Additionally, a mirror can create the illusion of more height and length in the area.

Styling Summer Homes or an Airbnb

Whether it’s a summer home or Airbnb you’ll want to make sure it’s looking its best so you or your guests can relax. Our mirrors are a fantastic accessory to design these spaces with.

Some people chose to create themes within these residencies to create a memorable experience. The home in this case should enhance the quality of the time spent there. One theme that is particularly common amongst coastal homes is to adorn a nautical/beachy aesthetic. We have mirrors like the Hamilton and Bexley which are both round mirrors available in a variety of sizes and colours so you can ensure your mirror is tailored to the space.


Summer homes are typically picked to make lasting memories, that’s why it’s essential the space feels bright, welcoming and peaceful. A brilliant way to make a space feel inviting, well-lit and calming is to utilise mirrors. Positioning a mirror across from a window or door. This allows for light to be reflected into areas of the room it naturally cannot reach. This can also help create the appearance of a bigger space, so this works especially well in smaller rooms like a bedroom, hallway or bathroom. Consider browsing our Extra-large mirrors if you want to optimise the light and space you have.


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