Make more of small spaces with the right mirror

Discover how to let the light flood in through the clever use of mirrors and make the most of what space you’ve got.

Our homes are filled with small corners, nooks and crannies that can often go unnoticed. However, we can experiment and mix things up with clever mirrored touches that make a huge difference.

There are some key hints and tricks to employ when decorating small spaces with mirrors – and some universal truths that will help you to get the right balance across your interior.

Keep Some Space Clear

So, the first point for decorating is always about keeping some space free to let your room breathe. When it comes to mirrors, reflecting your free spaces will double the impression of space, rather than reflecting a busy bookshelf. This tip can work perfectly with our Bexley Black Metal Frame, its sleek and stylish design is perfect for reflection, and will add both style and character to any room.

Maintain Movement

Sometimes, people hold back from installing mirrors because of the commitment involved in securing them to the wall. What if you change your mind? Can you / should you really build your room around a mirror? Well, on that count we know that you can – but a leaning mirror gives you the best of both worlds without taking a drill to your walls. Not only does a leaning mirror offer you floor-up reflections, but you can move it from room to room as meets your needs. Although often large mirrors, it can be the leaning mirrors that give you the greatest flexibility. In the summer, you might want to make the most of a small corner by capturing the light from the window and the reflection of nature’s greenery, while in the winter it can be repositioned to show your lighting off to best effect. The Islington Black Leaner does just that, it’s design is perfect for a leaner mirror with its simple and elegant frame exuding both class and luxury.

Luminate Your Lighting

When your small spaces can amplify the darkness in your rooms, strategically placed mirrors can throw your lighting from the walls transforming a small dark room into a sparkling and stylish room. While investing in your lighting fixtures and fittings is key to your outcome, maxing the shine can so easily be done by clever positioning of a larger mid-wall mirror or several smaller mirrors towards the corners of your room. This tip can work perfectly with our Cambridge White Window Mirror, it’s window design is perfect for reflecting light, and will add both style and character to any room.

Fit a Feature Wall

Rather than the boldly painted or wallpapered wall that was the approach du jour in the early 2000’s, a more modern take on the feature wall sees the use of not one, but several mirrors. Chosen for the difference in shape between them, place large oval and round mirrors with small straight-line mirrors. Bevelled edges on these mirrors capture different elements of your room and your light. The effect pulls all the colours of your space together and can help you to give the effect of more room. This can be a hugely effective approach in a small and dark room but it can bring a hallway or landing to life.

Some mirrors that would work really well for this sort of effect would be Simplistic Bevelled Round Mirror partnered with some of our more decorative mirrors such as the Mayfair Antique Leaner or even the Belgravia Grand.

Brush Strokes

It’s true that bright and light colours add space and air to your room but, if that’s not on your colour palette, it can feel as if you have to compromise your colours. Using mirrors such as the Carved Louis Gold Mirror, means that you can stick to a gold, warm colour profile that you connect with most while injecting light and reflection through your mirror placement. It’s a match made in heaven.

Air Your Pieces

There’s a temptation to solve a problem by throwing everything that you have at it. A small dark corner or a tiny dark room is a perfect case in point. However, doing something well and properly can deliver the impact with finesse. An under-stairs cloakroom without window? Simply add the size and shape that fits best in the space and let it act as your window. An awkward corner that doesn’t get natural light? Try placing an oval mirror on the vertical to add shape and bring brightness.