Love the Light With Majestic Mirrors

The role that mirrors play in creating the effect of space and light in your home can’t be understated. Playing with the natural daylight that comes in through your windows, mirrors bounce light from wall to wall, brightening up even the smallest of spaces.

The theory is pretty straightforward but, when you see a mirror that you really like the look of, are you just not quite sure where you should put it to maximise its impact?

A Little Dot of Light

Small to medium sized mirrors can be used to great effect around your home, bringing relief to large walls and short corridors. You may be wondering where exactly to place a mirror so that it blends into the background, but if you use mirror as a design feature it becomes easier to find the right spot for it. The Simplistic Round Mirror adds interest with its perfectly circular shape, with the centre of the mirror throwing light around. However, what makes the Alexander Round mirror even more effective lies in its bevelled edge, which captures the light at a different angle and enhances the mirrors effect.

With a mirror of this size, you can make the most of a narrow hallway or grab the light that comes in through your front door if place in your entrance or hallway. If you want to make something utterly spectacular, then placing four of these mirrors together can set the scene for a show-stealing feature wall in a lounge or bedroom. The different angles of each mirror will create a dazzling and sparkling effect.

Relight My Fire

A fireplace is the heart of most rooms, especially on a chilly winter’s evening. On a blazing summer’s day, it can create a dark gap that needs light. A fireplace with roaring fire will only take you so far. Completing your fireplace can be perfectly done with a mantlepiece and an overmantel mirror. The Osbourne Mirror brings together smooth straight lines, with strong curved corners to make a statement. Framed with gold, silver, champagne, white, grey, black or ivory, the Osbourne can tie your room colours together or blend into the background to make the reflection the star of the show.

Larging It

When you have perfectly plastered and deliciously decorated walls, the very last thing that you want to do is to take a drill to them to affix paintings or mirrors. This is where our large mirrors step in to save the day.

Our superb range of leaning mirrors aren’t simply a style statement; they’re movable, magnificent mirrors whose position can be changed when you’re ready to give your room a makeover.

Heavy and sturdy, these beautiful mirrors come in a range of styles, from ornate to totally pared back chic – but they all complete a room.

While all of our leaning mirrors can be affixed to the wall, we find that our customers love to lean them. A leaning mirror is a brilliant addition to any bedroom, where space can be tight. Our leaning mirrors both distribute the natural light that’s flowing through windows and from electric lighting at night-time but they also offer a luxurious way to check your look before you leave the house.

While modern houses were built to capture as much natural light as possible, older period homes can have darker aspects that could use a little help. With a front door acting as a light capture, placing a leaner mirror at the end of your hallway can bounce light and reflection up and down your hallway, giving the impression of more space. Again, it’s the perfect chance to give yourself the once over before floating out the door for the day ahead.

 Light Up Your Living Room

Often, mirrors in living rooms remain on the walls. They are strategically placed to capture light flowing in through windows. However, our minimalist leaner mirror, the Islington, makes a perfect alternative to a large framed picture. What sets this mirror aside even further is the fact that positioning it on the floor as a leaner challenge the traditional mirror and reflects more of the room, capturing your carefully chosen colour scheme for your furnishings and making the most of your room’s palette.

Mirrors are a tried and tested way of opening your home – but there’s always a new way to work with them to keep your look fresh.