Garden Reflections

Owning a garden can be a labour of love – with labour being the key word – but there is a really simple way of creating space and light in your garden without increasing your garden’s footprint or making any huge architectural changes.

Mirror Image

Many of us put mirrors to great use within our homes, bringing light to small corners and reflecting the outside in.

Mirrors can have the same impact on your outdoor space, making it look twice the size that it is. Great for smaller gardens or perfect for adding a point of interest to a larger garden, a carefully placed garden mirror can transform your green space. Here’s how…

Doubling Up with mirrors placed internally, where you position your garden mirror and what you surround it with will determine the impact that your mirror has on your garden. Simply installing mirror in isolation tends not to be that effective. It will be important that your mirror looks great, but it will look even better with greenery and foliage tickling the edges and reaching into the reflection.

The Trellis Garden Mirror is a great starting place if you’re just starting to add mirrors to your garden. A trellis can be very easy to place in a garden. With a mirrored trellis, you simply install it where you would have located a trellis. Because it looks just like a typical, traditional trellis – albeit with a mirror behind it – it can be simply slotted into your garden. When it comes to adding interest beyond the wooden trellis effect, you can do this in a matter of moments with pots and containers. Looking forward to year two of your trellis mirror, you can also plant climbers that will crawl their way up the trellis with the mirror doubling the effect.

Perfect Positioning

Placing your mirror in the garden to best effect can be a lot harder than you might imagine. As with all mirrors, placing it where it looks good is only half the job. While the Hickman Arched Mirror Window will look gorgeous anywhere in your garden, what you’re capturing in the reflection is really important too. While a mirror placed at the end of the garden can give the impression of a larger garden than there actually is, making sure that you aren’t reflecting your back door, bins or utility room can make all the difference.

Mirror, Mirror

Creating an infinity reflection using two garden mirrors – like the Black Arched Garden Mirror  – will throw light and space between them continuously. It can transform a forgotten corner of the garden into a conversation point or the perfect place for children to play with their own reflection many times over.

While a black mirror can bring sharp and contemporary edges to your garden, you may also want to stick to more natural tones that will complement your colour palette rather than contrast with it. The Stone Arched Garden Mirroris just as beautiful collection of curves and edges as the black version but with rich, natural hues that will look at home in any garden.

Looking for a New Angle

If you’re not convinced that your garden could carry a mirror, you can see how it might look by bringing one of your own mirrors outside before you choose your outdoor option. While your ‘trial’ mirror may not have the same size or shape as the mirror you eventually pick, you’ll be able to understand whether you would like strong sleek lines that end in a point, or whether you would prefer a full arch curve, as with the Victory Rustic Effect Mirror.

If you have your heart set on an outdoor mirror for your garden but you can’t find the right reflection, there’s a very clever trick that means you can easily change it up. You can quickly and simply change the angle of reflection but placing a piece of wood – or something else that angles the mirror to capture a luscious and green garden, rather than the garage door! It’s also a really clever way to change the angle so that your mirror doesn’t reflect you as you walk towards it and spoil the illusion of a garden that stretches into the distance.