Window mirrors

Window mirrors are a fantastic accessory which mimics the design of actual mirrors. We stock window mirrors, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Window mirrors can appear to blend naturally with a wall given their likeness to actual windows. This makes them a fantastic addition to the home, especially when seeking an understated design.

Styling tips for window mirrors

Positioning the window mirror can make or break a room’s design aesthetics, placing it somewhere that optimises the lighting and overall appearance of the room is essential.  We have a few suggestions to help find the perfect place in your home.

Over the mantle is always a fantastic place to hang a window wall mirror, above the mantle creates this unique focal point within the space. In the evenings, the warm glow of the fire is reflected gorgeously, adding twice as much ambient lighting to the space.  When hanging it here, dressing up the base is a great way to pull the eye in further. Positioning different-sized candles at its base will help layer up the lighting whilst also creating a unique visual in the mirror’s reflection.

Accessorising isn’t limited to placing candles around a mirror. Using plants is a fantastic way to increase the greenery seen in a space. For plants with long tendrils or vines, wrapping the vine up and around the top of the mirror looks great. Utilising photograph frames on a mantle or beside the window mirror will create a fantastic-looking gallery wall. Gallery walls are super trendy and just a great way to showcase your mirror and personality.

An alternative place to hang your window mirror would be opposite an actual mirror. This allows for the natural light coming in to be exploited and reflected within the space, making for a brighter room. This is especially useful when the space is smaller as it can help open the area through visual deception.

Buying a window mirror for your outdoor spaces is an interesting way to style a garden. By doing so not only is it easy to check appearances in it, but additional light and greenery can be reflected around. This can be especially useful in the garden with limited sunlight, by positioning it to reflect the sun during the hours when its predominantly shadows.

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