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Metal Framed Mirrors

Metal frame mirrors are sleek and simplistic with their minimalist and undecorated appearance, their basic design ensures they pair with practically any interior design style. The mirror’s borders are comprised of metal, coming in a variety of widths, shapes, sizes, and colours.

Our collection of metal framed mirrors can be described as modern and minimalist styled, due to their smooth and crisp aesthetic. Metal-framed mirrors fall into two clear style categories, minimalism, and industrialism.  Both styles have a lot of commonalities, making it an especially great choice if your homes adorn these styles of furnishings already.

Styling tips for Metal framed mirrors

Styling your metal frame is straightforward, and its design is adaptable to other interior styles making it a fantastic choice, especially if you change your space and style frequently. Its flexible style sets it apart from most mirrors, as this will age well with its timeless design.

A feature wall with vivid colours or wallpapering Is a brilliant place to hang a metal frame mirror, as it will create a focal point. The mirror can also be positioned opposite the feature wall to reflect the beauty and make the space feel extended as a result. The metal frame creates a clean border which stands out from a feature wall, picking the right colour will help create harmony amongst design elements. Think about utilising a black frame with cool tones, and gold for warm tones like red, oranges and purples.

To create a centrepiece with your leaning mirror, consider placing a rug underneath it and positioning an armchair off to the side of it. This creates a snug area to relax, the mirror offers a more light and spacious feeling whilst also being a fabulous accessory. This looks wonderful in a larger bedroom or living room.

Creating a space where light is easily adapted to suit a desired energy is preferable when creating a dynamic space suited to guests and comfortable living. That’s why we recommend strip LED lighting to place on the back of your leaner. By doing so the backlit mirror will add depth to the mirror and space, whilst also making it feel brighter and airy. This can also be achieved using lamps at varying heights to add new layers and dimensions to the composition of the space.

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