Floor Standing Mirrors

Floor-standing mirrors are designed to be leaned against a wall rather than hung, they are not limited to floor-standing and can be hung if needed.

Floor-standing mirrors have progressively become popularised after the early 2000’s, because of the ease of placing them against a wall. Convenience isn’t the only reason they became so sought after, their large stature makes them a fantastic wall-filler and accessory to a space.

Styling tips for floor-standing mirrors?

When styling a floor-standing mirror, you need to ensure there is enough space in an area to accommodate the mirror’s leaning width. Aside from being practical, consider elements such as the style of the mirror, the colour of its frame and the same for the space it is going to be placed within.

Utilising additional ground accessories is a brilliant way to segment a room and create ‘zones.  One of the many ways this can be done is by placing a rug in front of the mirror alongside a side table and plants. Composition is key, don’t surround the mirror with accessories, instead focus on positioning things with intention whilst keeping the mirror functional and accessible.

Another way to style your mirror without placing accessories at the base is to add wall art to the walls around it. Consider the sizes of the frames and aim to add a mixture for the gallery wall look.

The benefits of a floor-standing mirror

Floor-standing mirrors are extremely convenient, they offer a full body reflection making checking outfits from head to toe easy. This makes them the ideal mirror for in a bedroom and entryway, placing them in this location could very well save you some time!

They also provide a solution to those who love a change to their interior layout, its free-standing design makes it easy to move to the next location in the home without pulling out nails from a wall.

Unlike other mirrors, they do not need to be hung, which in turn means there are no nails required to go in the wall, which is great for those renting. Due to their weight and size, they’re incredibly sturdy too, which means there is no need to worry about it slipping or falling.

They bounce lots of light throughout a space! That’s right, they reflect twice as much light making spaces feel taller and wider instantly. This can be especially useful when placing it in an entryway as it will make what is typically a snug space feel much bigger and breathable.

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