Antique & Ornate Styled Mirrors

The antique style is characterized by furnishings adorning design styles from over a century ago.

Antique and ornate interior design draws upon the visual aesthetics from previously popular styles and, typically, the antique style encompasses other styles such as Art Deco, art nouveau as well as modernism.

Styling tips of antique & ornate mirrors?

The Antique interior style features a variety of colour palettes all of which can create an entirely new visual aesthetic. I will discuss three distinct colour palettes which you can utilise to create the perfect antique-styled room.

Jewel tones were highly popularised in the 17th century around the time when Renaissance artists would use the colours to create a real richness and depth within their art.  And, by the 1860s as the industrial revolution boomed, wall paint became widely available for purchase. Jewel colours often represent regal living with wealth and luxury being exuded. If you have an accent wall or room featuring a deep jewel tone, you might find that one of our antique gold or silver mirrors pairs phenomenally. The metallic hues accentuate the deep tones of jewel colours, making the pop!

Neutral colour palettes adorned in the home typically suggested modesty, whilst bringing a calmness into the space. These homes would typically feature natural materials such as wood and mixed metals. We recommend seeking out an ivory, white, and gold mirror to perfectly complement the neutral palette surrounding it.  For a high-contrast look that plays with the visual elements we suggest using a silver or black mirror, the cool-toned hues will contrast nicely.

What styles pair well with antique and ornate mirrors?

When using antique stylings, you aren’t limited to only using antique/ ornate styles of furniture, there are a plethora of styles that complement and emphasise the unique appearance of your antique mirror.

Traditional interior design often utilises the antique style, so it seems silly not to utilise an antique-style mirror within a traditionally styled interior. Traditional derives from the 17th and 18th centuries, like antiques, making them the perfect match for the most cohesive style.

Maximalism Is another fabulous style to place your antique mirror with, the maximalist design features plenty of colours and shapes. Excess is everything and with the right ornate style mirror, it can add to the overall aesthetic perfectly. Consider using a mirror with baroque-like carvings or an arched shape to play upon the unique aesthetics of maximalism!

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