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Square mirrors

Square mirrors are a neat, symmetrical, and desirable element to introduce as they come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. The square shape is perceived to be familiar, secure, and orderly, which makes it the ideal shape of accessory for a well-organised design.

Styling tips for square mirrors?

Using a square mirror is a fantastic way to bring in a symmetrical and buildable element. The square shape is easily layered with additional mirrors, photo frames and wall-mounted ornaments.

A perfect pair, placing a mirror above each side of the bed can create a balanced visual, whilst sprucing up the bedside tables. This works especially well with ambient lighting such as a lamp being reflected in the mirror as it makes the space feel cosier whilst softly bouncing back the light.

Alternatively, using a pair of square mirrors in a bathroom is a great way to decorate a jack-and-jill bathroom.  Square mirrors look crisp and uniform when aligned next to each other, this is great for elevating a bathroom and making it feel expensive (even if the mirrors are inexpensive).

In a dining room, your square mirror can be positioned at the shortest width at the table along the wall, this will allow dinner guests to be reflected as well as the longer length of the table. This will create the illusion of a longer table and room, which is perfect for smaller spaces.

Creating a space that is neat, aesthetically pleasing, and functional is exactly what you can do with a square mirror in a bedroom. Either above a chest of drawers or a dressing table, you can hang your square mirror, and centre it to ensure it does not look skewed. Then at the base of the mirror, position whatever cosmetics, perfumes, or accessories you’d like to, think about convenience as well as the way it looks.

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