Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors are a brilliant contemporary element to bring into the home, their unique shape makes them a desirable accessory for both modern and traditional interiors. Oval mirrors are characterized by their ‘squashed’ but rounded appearance.  Oval mirrors can be hung in portrait and landscape making them a versatile choice, adaptable with the wall space they occupy.

Styling tips for oval mirrors

Our oval mirrors are adaptable to their environment, meaning they can go in anything from your kitchen to your bedroom.  We recognise that placement impacts perception, so we’ve collated some styling tips to help you visualise where to hang your oval mirror and how to dress around it!

The first location we recommend is hung on the wall of a staircase, this is typically seen in traditional stylings, placed on a gallery wall. This can be placed amongst square and rectangular frames and in addition to any existing mirrors. Its unique shape gives it an eclectic aesthetic.

An alternative placement is in the bedroom, above a dressing table. Hanging a mirror above will create an at-home vanity. Its shape brings a twist to the classic rectangular vanity.  Hanging your oval mirror is just limited to over a dresser though, you can also hang your oval mirror above a fireplace (if you have one).

Our oval mirrors look dashing in a dining room. When hung landscape with the longest length of a table, it adds style and class to the space. Additionally, the mirror captures all the lovely energy surrounding the table and reflects it right back, making it ideal for creating a positive ambience. This works especially well when there are long-stemmed candles within the reflection, it helps set a mood.

Our last suggestion would be to use your oval mirror in the bathroom, the smooth yet curvy shape pairs lovely against rectangular and square tiles. Their shape also frames the face and shoulders reflection nicely, which is ideal for a bathroom when getting ready.

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