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Heart-shaped mirrors

A heart-shaped mirror is a contemporary and playful shape for a mirror. Its fun shape makes it a fantastic accessory to bring in for an element of whimsy. Heart-shaped furniture has become popularised in 2023, and trends featuring love hearts have taken the world by storm.

Styling tips for heart-shaped mirrors

Styling a heart-shaped mirror is simple, starting with finding the perfect room to hang it in. We recommend hanging your heart-shaped mirror in a bedroom, dining room, living room or entryway.

Hanging your heart mirror in an entryway is a great way to bring warm and welcoming energy into the entrance of the home.  Hanging the mirror above a sideboard is a great way to create a functional space, allowing you to check over hair or makeup prior to coming or going. Then surrounding the mirror, hang photographs or art to complete the look.

When choosing to hang your mirror in the living room, it is important to consider the composition of all existing furniture. If there is a fireplace in the living room, hanging a mirror above its mantle leans into traditional stylings. In this place, you can utilise smaller accessories such as candles, ornaments, and framed photographs. This will help draw the eye into the area, creating a focal point within the space. For living rooms without a fireplace, consider hanging your heart mirror opposite to a window, this will allow additional light to be reflected within the space.

A heart mirror is an excellent choice for a bedroom, the heart-shaped mirror’s whimsical design brings a fun and non-traditional accessory into a space. We recommend hanging it above a dressing table to create an improvised and highly unique vanity setup. Alternately, hanging your heart-shaped mirror on a gallery wall is a brilliant way to elevate the visual interest of the wall. Its unique shape will look excellent in contrast to the harsh lines of photo frames.

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