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Arched Mirrors

Arched mirrors are defined by their fantastic curvature that adjoins two parallel lines. The arch shape can be found in natural formations and historical buildings.  The arch has multiple formations, sometimes as a semi-circle, sometimes with a point on the centremost point.

Arches typically adorn traditional and historical buildings and can be found across cultures and countries.  The arch served as both a practical structural archetype in buildings, as well as an aesthetic style within architecture. However more recently in history, the arch has become an unnecessary part of design as advancements in building technology came to exist. We see a shift around the turn of the century, where arches were reintroduced as a stylistic element.

Styling tips for arched mirrors

Arched mirrors are exceptional for introducing dynamic-shaped elements in interior design, where we see predominantly boxed-shaped rooms. An arch top can create contrast with the curvature of its frame against the hard crisp lines of a ceiling and walls around it.  Its impact when placed in a space draws the eye in, creating a focal point in a room.

Utilising an archtop mirror in the corner of a room is a brilliant way to create a unique composition. When designing an interior, a mirror should enhance the environment around it, whilst still being functional.  By positioning your arched mirror in a corner, a unique perspective is reflected, making the space feel wider and brighter in the process. To dress the mirror in this position, consider using an ottoman beside the mirror to create a zone within the space, where you can sit and get ready. Placing a potted plant by its base will always create visual depth and height between all design components.

An alternate placement for your arched mirror would be to place it perpendicular to a staircase, L shape stairs and spiral stairs work especially well for the visual aesthetic.  Leaning or hanging your arched mirror next to a sideboard will aid in making the space feel functional rather than liminal. Typically, stairs are near an entryway, which is why this location is also a fantastic choice. A well-designed space is an inviting one, perfect for creating a cosy and homely vibe!

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