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Living Room Mirrors

The living room is where everybody in the home congregates to relax, watch entertainment, and feel a sense of togetherness. A mirror captures that lovely atmosphere and bounces it right back, helping keep all the positive energy in the space.

Living rooms are typically decorated to reflect our style, or honouring the years the house was built in by using styles that were seen and associated with said time period. So, it’s important to find a mirror that is complimentary to both your personal preference and the style of the room you are in.

Styling tips for living room mirrors

Making the most of the space you have is simple. Using one of our extra-large mirrors is a quick way to gain a new perspective of your living room. The reflection will typically be captured from the floor-to-ceiling, making the space feel taller and larger.  Extra-large mirrors are super trendy which is a fantastic way to nod to the interior design movements that are going on.

Using mirror reflection is a brilliant way to manipulate our perception of space, so bringing a mirror into a small room and positioning it opposite to a window can help open the room. This can be furthered by selecting a window mirror, which essentially creates the illusion of an additional window within the room.

If your living room has a fireplace, we think that you should be hanging a mirror on the mantle. This is a fabulous way to accentuate the existing features of the room whilst bringing a touch of style to the space too. The mantle can then be dressed in accessories that help the spacer feel cosy and complete. One way to dress the mantle is to use traditional candle stick holders that match the material and finish of the mirror frame, this creates cohesion between the elements. For flame-free décor, using flowers is a great way to liven the room up and create a charming reflection.

Our best-selling living room mirrors

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