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Kitchen Mirrors

Elevating your kitchen design is easy and super quick when using a mirror, simply considering its size shape and location beforehand. Decorating your kitchen to reflect personality whilst preserving its functionality is a must. Utilising a wall-mounted mirror is one great way to honour both function and style.

Styling tips for kitchen mirrors

Positioning your mirror over the sink is a fun way to play around with placement, giving you more than just a blank wall to look at. Similarly to in a bathroom, having a mirror over a kitchen sink can also be super handy for quickly checking yourself after a messy meal!

Your options are limitless with the placement of your mirror; however, a good rule of thumb is to pick a position where the reflection enhances the environment around it. For instance, placing your mirror opposite an arched doorway, or using a large leaner to capture the reflection of a chandelier. This allows the beauty of your home to be accentuated, whilst also having a functional mirror which creates convenience too.

Optimising the light in your kitchen is a great way to create an open and airy feeling space, just place your mirror opposite to a window or nearby to a door for the sunlight to be bounced back. Selecting a window mirror is a fantastic way to blend this technique with style, making it appear as though there is an additional mirror. This trick works especially well in smaller kitchens.

For those with a combination of either a kitchen and living room or a kitchen and dining room, using a mirror can help section off a space. This can be done by using one of our extra-large mirrors and creating a ‘zone’ between the two spaces, this can be achieved by placing a rug and a small armchair or coffee table. This will still give the free-flowing floor space whilst making it feel like the areas are designated for specific activities.

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