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Silver Mirrors

Silver is a brilliant metallic colour with undertones of grey, white and sometimes black. Silver is adaptable and utilised within contemporary and traditional designs.

Styling tips for silver mirrors

As you venture into styling your home and silver mirror, you might wonder where to place it. We have some suggestions to aid the process. Consider the shape, size, surrounding colours and composition.

Silver couples well with rich colours like navy, burgundy and neutrals, which all typically have cool undertones. Colours with warm undertones also pair well, in moderation. The reflective quality of silver allows light and colour in your space to be refracted, this is worth noting when using a silver mirror in your space.

For a clean and contemporary aesthetic, place your silver mirror into a room with a neutral colour palette. This silver frame can complete a monotone space by harnessing light and greenery from the outside. This requires positioning your mirror opposite to a window or entryway.

Alternately, using your silver mirror as a touch of brightness in a space filled with vibrant colours allows a space to reach an equilibrium with light, dark and colour.

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The Psychology Behind Silver Mirrors

Silver is a precious metal, historically recognised for its use in coins, jewellery, and decorations. The way people interpret silver can vary due to location, individual preferences, and culture.  Often silver is assigned to the moon with shared characteristics, its white undertones and reflective quality.

Its cool tones can influence our interpretation of silver. For some, silver will represent feeling cold, solidarity, and dullness. The association with the moon allows us to draw parallels between silver and the feeling of loneliness.

Conversely, we associate silver with wisdom, calmness, and hope. The phrase “every cloud has a silver lining” hones in on the idea of prospering in moments of darkness.

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