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Ivory mirrors

Ivory is a neutral colour which is a perfect blend of white and beige with tones of pink or yellow. The off-white shade is a brilliant choice for those wanting a more muted colour than white.

Styling Ivory Mirrors

As you begin your journey into home decoration you will need to find the perfect spot for your ivory mirror. We can help with that!

Ivory due to its neutrality, makes the perfect accessory. The colour is compatible with all colours, but for the most striking pairing, place it next dark dark-toned colours. Ivory looks exceptional when paired with navy, forest green and charcoal grey. Equally, ivory looks classic and elegant when placed amongst a neutral palette, creating a subtle visual depth. Ivory is a brilliant substitute for white, its undertones give it a softer appearance.

Feature walls adorning wallpaper or a vibrant paint colour benefit from an Ivory mirror. The stark difference of the pattern against the ivory frame creates a distinct and aesthetic look.

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The psychology behind ivory mirrors

Ivory is a neutral colour, close in resemblance to white and with subtle hints of beige in its undertones. Ivory’s name and colour derive from the tusk of an elephant. Ivory is a sought-after material and can be tracked back to its first uses in the 14th century. Historically used in jewellery, fashion, ornaments, and medicines.

There is a duality to the psychological impacts of the colour ivory, with influences like culture, location, and personal experience.

For some, Ivory represents purity, cleanliness, and timelessness. The hue is acutely different to white yet its synonymy to weddings and christenings are what factor into this psychological interpretation.

On the contrary, some may find ivory offensive and a symbol of ignorance. With poachers murdering elephants to obtain the material, it can be construed as destructive and discourteous to adorn.

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