Window Mirrors

A window mirror is a mirror that is designed to emulate a real window, window mirrors can be used both inside and outside of the home due to their unique style. Typically, window mirrors have been used in gardens to reflect green spaces and create a feeling of opulence and elegance. However, these trendy mirrors have now been brought into the home to give the illusion of extra windows in a space, reflecting the light to make the space airy.  Window mirrors can be described as decorative, creating an ornate and clean appearance.

The Online Mirror Shop stocks a variety of colours for you to select from. Our range of window mirrors also comes in arched, rectangular, and round shapes

How much do window mirrors cost?

The price of our window mirrors is variable, factors such as size, shape, style and colour all factor in.  You can expect to pay anywhere between £120- £300 for a window mirror.

How to hang a window mirror?

  • Measure your mirror and mark the area where your brackets or hooks will go. Use a spirit level to ensure it is hung in a straight line.
  • Drill a hole for wall anchors (if you have a drywall) or the Screw to then screw into.
  • Drill in the brackets/hooks using a drill or electric screwdriver.
  • The last step is to hang your mirror onto your hooks or slide it into the brackets.

Styling tips for window mirrors?

  • To style your mirror, you will need to measure the mirror and desired location of the mirror to see if it will fit.
  • Think about the placement, are you wanting to create a focal point in your space or do you want to expand the room and give the illusion of another window? If so, we suggest placing it opposite to a window.
  • By placing your window mirror opposite a real window, the outside space is brought into the room, which will make the space bright and welcoming.
  • Create a gallery wall using art and your window mirror, this design choice would not only be extremely stylish but also lends to a visual narrative of unique depth and artistic intention.
  • Use more than one of our window mirrors in a smaller room to enhance the appearance of light coming in.
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