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Overmantle Mirrors

Overmantle mirrors are made to hang above the fireplace, the mantle is the shelf above the fireplace. Overmantle mirrors are also known as fireplace mirrors. Usually, overmantle mirrors are hung above the fireplace, however, the mirrors can be hung on any wall inside your home. Overmantle mirrors are traditional style. The traditional designs can be described as timeless, high-quality, and decorative. Overmantle mirrors make a room feel spacious by reflecting the open space. Mirrors are a great decoration for using the space already there, whilst adding to the style of the room.

The Online Mirror Shop stocks a wide variety of colours such as black, champagne, chrome, gold, grey, and silver overmantle mirrors. Our range of overmantle mirrors also comes in arched, rectangular, and round shapes.

How much do overmantle mirrors cost?

The price for an overmantle mirror depends on a few factors, the size, colour, shape, and style (for example we offer antique, art deco, floor standing, frameless, and salon-style overmantle mirrors). Typically, you can expect to pay between £80 – £400 for an overmantle mirror.

How to hang an overmantle mirror?

To hang an overmantle mirror, here is a process you can follow.

  • Measure your mirror and mark the place where your brackets or hooks will go. Use a spirit level to ensure it is hung in a straight line.
  • Drill a hole for wall anchors (if you have a drywall) or the Screw to then screw into.
  • Drill in the brackets/hooks using a drill or electric screwdriver.
  • The last step is to hang your mirror onto your hooks or slide it into the brackets.

Styling tips for overmantle mirrors?

  • To style a mirror, you need to measure your space and mirror to make sure it will fit the space you plan to put it in.
  • People hang their mirrors 5 inches or more above their mantel.
  • Think about the shape you chose for your mirror; a circular mirror looks interesting against an angular fireplace.
  • Alternatively, an angular mirror may create a clean and elegant appearance.
  • Adding smaller decorative items like candles, ornaments, and picture frames to your mantelpiece will create a focal point in the room.
  • Fireplaces are in the middle of the room usually, so by decorating the mantle the area the space grabs your attention.
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